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Anything is possible

Passionate, skillful and full of ambition, extreme sports athletes are tested to the max as they break boundaries competing around the world. Driven to succeed and backed by BLACK+DECKER tools, these athletes inspire all of us to see that anything is possible.



Around grueling circuits and over huge jumps, BMX bikes are constantly tested to the max. The fearless riders rely on them to withstand the action and achieve their life-long goals. Anything is possible when you’re riding the best, and with BLACK+DECKER tools at hand to keep equipment in peak condition, dreams really can come true.

Mountain Bike

It’s survival of the fittest on a Freeride Mountain Biking trail. But thanks to BLACK+DECKER tools, ambitious FMB athletes need never worry about the safety or reliability of their kit. Powered to focus on winning and achieving their lifetime dreams, anything is possible when competing in this adrenaline fueled sport.

Mountain Bike


Determined to fulfil their ambitions, skateboarding athletes are no strangers to hard work. Skilled to perform at the top of their game, the contenders rely on their kit to be in perfect working condition. With their equipment prepared and maintained with BLACK+DECKER tools, anything is possible for these inspiring athletes and their dedicated teams.


  • CS3652LC

    3.6V Lithium Screwdriver with Right Angle Attachment

    • Right Angle Attachment allows for 8 pivoting positions to access all areas
    • 5.5Nm of torque provide optimum force and performance for all screwdriving tasks
    • LED work light for visibility in dark areas, hidden corners, edges and inside furniture
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  • ASD184K

    18v drill driver with Autosense™ and Autoselect® technology. Includes 1 battery, charger and kit box

    • 18V DRILL DRIVER Autosense™ technology and Autoselect® technology: For drilling into Wood, Metal and all screwdriving tasks
    • Make DIY Easy with AUTOSELECT™ TECHNOLOGY: use the intuitive switch to activate drilling or screwdriving modes
    • AUTOSENSE™ TECHNOLOGY: Activated when in screwdriving mode. Helps drive screws accuratley & without effort
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  • BDCIM18N

    18V Impact Driver (No Battery or Charger)

    • Cordless Power & convenience. Part of the 18V Lithium-Ion System.
    • Compact, Lightweight & Easy to use
    • Durable Metal Gear Casing
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  • MT218K

    18V Multievo Multi tool with Drill driver attachment

    • The ultimate 18V drill driver with the patented ability to convert into different power tools
    • The Multievo™ multi-tool starter kit comes with a drill driver head which provides speed and strength to drill the largest holes (25mm) in wood, and metal (10mm). Additional power tool heads in the system can be bought separately
    • 10 torque settings for perfect screwdriving into a variety of materials with different screw sizes
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  • BDCCF18N

    18V Compact Flashlight

    • Cordless Power & convenience. Part of the 18V Lithium-Ion System.
    • Compact & Lightweight, For greater comfort and control in use
    • 90 Lumens of high intensity light
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  • KA2500K

    120W next generation Mouse® sander with kit box and 9 accessories

    • New compact design allows for optimum control, with three separate rubber gripping areas
    • Micro filtration dust canister for optimum dust collection
    • Quick fit new and innovative mesh sanding sheets provide four times the life of standard sand paper
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  • MTNF9

    Multievo™ Multi-tool Inflator Attachment

    • Ideal attachment for inflating tyres and sports equipment
    • Pressure gauge to show the bar and PSI to know how firm you are inflating e.g. tyres
    • On board accessory storage keeps the two accessory adapters safe and eliminates the risk of loss
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  • MTS12

    Multievo Scissor Attachment

    • An all round essential to have in the home
    • 0-1,267 strokes per min provides the user with a fast and fine cut
    • Variable speed allows the user to have ultimate control when performing detailed curved cuts
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  • MTIM3

    Multievo™ Multi-tool Impact Driver Attachment

    • The impact mechanism prevents stripping of screw heads; easily drives bolts and removes rusty screws
    • High speed for drilling into wood and metal
    • Quick connect feature for easy bit change
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