Powercommand - BLACK+DECKER™ Powercommand

It's in your hands


Keep your garden neat and tidy with the ultimate control. Our new range of cordless garden tools with POWERCOMMAND button give you the help you need to get chores done faster. And because they’re part of the 18V or 36V Lithium-ion family, you won’t have to work around cables either.

Power through jams

Thick branches and bushes can cause jams or even blade damage. One push of the button on a POWERCOMMAND Hedge Trimmer resolves this problem, activating slower, more powerful cuts to clear the jam without harming the tool or hedge.

Take a look at our POWERCOMMAND Hedge Trimmer

Control the Line

One push of the button on a POWERCOMMAND String Trimmer automatically feeds your line so you can keep strimming without stopping to adjust the spool. Use the flip-to-edge mechanism and edging guide wheel to create precise lawn borders. And with Power Select, you can increase power for overgrown areas or reduce power for lighter tasks to maximise runtime.

See our POWERCOMMAND String Trimmer

Up the Power

Clumps of leaves, foliage between stones, they’re tough to shift. One push of the button on a POWERCOMMAND Blower boosts power by 20% and provides air speed up to 209 km/h so you can make short work of the most stubborn debris.

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See the Range

From branches and bushes to borders and debris, one push of a button keeps your garden neat and tidy, all year long.